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Hi there, my name is Andrew Lee and I’m a tech entrepreneur from Austin, Texas.

I do website SEO, conversion optimization, and Facebook ads for big brands.

I run websites for businesses and I also run my own ventures (see some of them below - one of my companies is partnered with Snapchat).

I’ve been in major publications such as Forbes, BBC, CBS, MSN, Yahoo, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, et cetera.

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About My Ventures

buycustomgeofilters-logo.png is a custom Snapchat Geofilter company that creates customized filters that services Fortune 500 clients and personal occasions.

The company was started in May 2016 and has been featured in major publications such as USA Today, Forbes CNET, CBS, BBC, MSN, and more.

unofficial-sx-guide-logo.png is a company dedicated in enhancing the user experience of the annual SXSW festival. was started in 2016 and has been featured in major publications such as Billboard Magazine, The HollyWood Reporter, and more.


Karavan App

Karavan is a real-time location app that allows users to stay together and find each other at crowded festivals, bars, concerts, and crowded cities.

Karavan users have access to a real-time group map that allows users to group up and find each other with ease.


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